Ayr Branch BCSS

September 2012 Meeting &

Plant of the Month Competition

Ian Laurie's habitat plant slides by Hamish McKelvie

This was a very interesting evening. Hamish showed us some of Ian Laurie's slides of habitat plants. The first group was lots of Mesembryanthemums on the Cape of Good Hope, Namaland, where we also saw the Orange River Rock Formations. Following these we shown some Hoodias

Then we moved on to Mexico where we were shown lots of Dudleyas, Red Padded Opuntias, Ferocactus and the Creeping Devil. Following these we went to a Mexican nursery, the Rio Grande, Tombstone, Boothill Graveyard and the Alamo.

We were then shown a slide showing a hole with an owl's nest inside. Then it was on to the Canary Islands to see the Dragon Tree and the continental collection. Continuing we then moved to North West Argentina to see its Frailias etc. Following these we moved on to Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Cuba.

This wa an excellent talk given in a very professional way by Hamish who we all thanked very much.

There were no plant of the month pictures this month