Ayr Branch BCSS

January 2012 Meeting &

Plant of the Month Competition

Three Mini Talks

The first talk was given by Dr Keith Martin.
He spoke about the time he walked the Pennine Way. It is not a complete path but a route traveling over a long distance from Edale to Kirk Yelholm, just over the border in Scotland. Keith spoke about the outline of the walk. This was an excellent talk, which convinced us all not to do it!!! Well done Keith.

The second talk was given by John Frew.
Part one was about three cactus enthusiasts going to South Africa in 2005. It was a five week trip during the September of that year. The trip started in Port Elizabeth. The plants seen were Pelargonium, Aloe & Euphorbia "orange tip". They also saw butterflys including the swallow tail butterfly. They went to a native village and saw Cycads and stayed in a game reserve for two nights.
Part two was called "Supermarket Sweep" where he showed Dorstenias and lots of other unusual plants.
In part three john spoke about Peperomias - are these house plants or what?
A good three part talk.

The third talk was given by Sam McNair.
This was a talk about the Canadian Rockies, which runs from Calgary to Alaska. The lakes were very blue. He saw native carved totem poles and a sea plane park.

This was a very interesting evening with three excellent talks.

Plant of the Month Pictures - Astrophytum

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