Ayr Branch BCSS

April 2011 Meeting

South Africa - "2009 (stage two)" - David Slade

David Slade started his talk with a list of places visited and how he had enjoyed the visits, he started at Graaff Reinet then on to Nieu Bethesda, the valley of Desolation and the Obesa Nursery, there were lots of cacti on the roadside also Aloes in flower, Opuntias and Ferocactus, He did not know who was watering them but he said "somebody, somewhere is caring for them".

Now he went on to nursery c1970 which was 160 square metres. There were lots of cereus in flower and no damage whatsoever to wayside plants, which was a joy to see. Then he went on to the Sculpture exhibits and the owl house. Following this he went on to the sisal house, where he saw tortoises. Afterwards it was on to the Camdeboo national park where he arrived about 6.30pm.

He left the next day to go from Graaff-Renet to Cape Town via Oudtshoorn. He found this was very flat country.

There was a dip pool with very nice water. Afterwards he visited Mr. Martin Scott who has a very nice garden in Oudtshoorn, with lots of nice succulents.

This was an excellent trip and we enjoyed sharing with him.

There were no entries to the Plant of the Month Competition this month