Ayr Branch BCSS

January 2010 Meeting &

Plant of the Month Competition

Mini Talks

This month we had three mini talks given to us by our own branch members.

The first one was by John Frew who showed us and gave a talk on the family Ascepiadaceae.

He told us they all have five petals and they come from South Africa, Madagascar, India and South America and they all do not smell like rotten meat! This was the first time all the talks were shown on digital, the photos were all taken by our old colleague, the late Chris Moore.

After the tea break it was the turn of Alan Mackay, who took us on a world tour of botanical gardens.

We started in Singapore. We were shown bromeliads and orchids in the mist houses they were lots of different colours and forms, a joy to see. Then Hobart in Tasmania where we saw the Japanese garden it was a wonderful place to see. To finish off we were shown some shots of Melbourne

As we still had time Sam McNair showed us photos of South Africa and Northern Ireland.

These were three excellent talks and were enjoyed by all

Plant of the Month Pictures - Mammillaria

High resolution versions of the photos are also available if desired.

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