Ayr Branch BCSS

October 2008 Meeting &

Plant of the Month Competition

Sea to Sierra

It was Doug Donaldson's turn this year to do the Scottish tour and he came to us on the final day to talk about "Sea to Sierra"

It was an excellent talk. He started by telling us that this was a very dry area and the lake was man-made. Around the lake were some beautiful flowers and a mango tree in fruit. The first night was spent in a "shack" at 50 peso a night. They went on a boat trip which you paid for on the return trip to make sure the boatman came back for you!!

On the island were lots of cacti - large ferocactus and opuntias - all in flower. On the journey out they saw pelicans, black vultures and other birds. Further on in the trip they came to a rock face which was unclimbable, but on the cliff face he saw Astrophytum ornatum growing - just as well he had a good camera.

It was a very well presented talk which we all enjoyed .

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